About me

My Name is Abby Matthews and as you can see, I am a passionate photographer. My interest for art started when I was very young. In 2011  and 2013 I decided to get further in photography, so I took a photography class at M-Art in collaboration with the College of Art in Zürich. From that day on I felt that photography was more than just a hobby to me. It became my passion. 
I’ve done various projects from „Dark Faces“ to now working on several artisticly projects which will be presented in the next months.  While developing my craft, I decided to work more and more with diffrent types of models from varrious agencies. 

My plan is to create various body of work from Fashion Photoshoots to motion pictures one day. 
I do a lot of Fashion Portraits. I am open for different kind of jobs and collaboration.
Follow my path as my vision is slowly beginning to come to life

Abby Matthews